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Coface results for the first quarter 2018:

April 24, 2018
Net income of €35.5m and RoATE(1) at 8.8%; Fit to Win execution drives profitability in a supportive economic environment

Africa: diminishing reserves increase risks of another crash

April 24, 2018
Adversely affected by the slump in raw material prices, most African currencies lost over 20% of their value between 2013 and 2016

Coface’s purpose & new tagline: for trade

April 12, 2018
Discover our new tagline, FOR TRADE, which conveys Coface’s culture and purpose, as well as our deep commitment to trade.

New Mediterranean trade routes will be through the South and East of the region

April 10, 2018
In the Mediterranean, the recent rise in protectionism is starting to transform the vast network of free trade agreements and reshape intra-Mediterranean trade routes. Two new trends are emerging.

Country and sector risks worldwide

April 10, 2018
Now that peak growth has been reached in the United States and Europe, businesses are preparing for supply side constraints and the risk of protectionism

Coface announces the publication of its 2017 Registration Document

April 5, 2018
The Registration Document of COFACE SA for 2017 (Document de référence 2017 in French) was filed with the French financial markets authority (Autorité des marchés financiers - AMF) on April 5th 2018 under the number D.18-0267.

Central and Eastern Europe: Political risks on the rise but no impact yet on local businesses

March 29, 2018
With the wave of ongoing elections in countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia, Central and Eastern Europe is undergoing a major period of change against the background of economic growth that is still strong (...)

Regional economic ambitions of China and Japan show striking parallels

March 13, 2018
According to Coface, China and Japan are becoming competitors for trade and investment in the Asia Pacific region (...)

Women to Win, when Coface conjugates with the feminine

March 8, 2018
The International Women's Day is an opportunity to review the numerous projects carried out within the framework of the Women to Win dedicated to women's leadership, networking and knowledge and experience- sharing (...)

Insolvent or ‘zombies’, distressed companies represent nearly 6% of the total in France

March 7, 2018
The beginning of the year marked a clear improvement in key business insolvency indicators (...)

NAFTA renegotiations - could Mexico’s “high-risk” automotive industry deteriorate into a crisis?

February 27, 2018
Mexico’s automotive industry plays an important role in its economy (...)

Full-year results 2017: Coface doubles net income to €83.2m, and activates the capital optimisation lever provided for in its Fit to Win plan

February 12, 2018
Turnover: €1 354.9m, up 0.3% at constant scope and exchange rates. Net loss ratio 51.4%, improved by 14.1 pts; annual net combined ratio at 86.6%.

COFACE SA announces a share buyback operation targeting a total amount of 30 million euros

February 12, 2018
In the second pillar of its Fit to Win plan, Coface aims at improving the capital efficiency of its business model. The Group published today an estimated Solvency ratio of ~166%, above its target range.

Country Risk Conference 2018 2018: the upturn continues, but corporates risk overheating

January 23, 2018
During its annual conference on country and sector risks, Coface shares with companies its vision of the major global economic trends for 2018